Smart Targets

Smart Targets

  • RSAKZ6: carrier plate for 60 x 60 mm target reflector
  • Range from 10 m to 120 m
  • Temperature and UV-resistant
  • Can be mounted even on difficult surfaces
  • The RSALU22 markers were specially developed for long distance measurements
  • Range 400 m - 500 m
  • The shape of the crosshairs enables exact bearings to be taken from long distances

To secure the survey point for a longer period, markings were applied to the carrier plates so that any damaged reflective target can easily be replaced and the original measuring point can be restored quickly, easily and cheaply.

Please note: Survey markers with reflective targets are exclusively recommended for carrying out distance measurements using a tachymeter or total station.
Survey markers with crosshairs, and without reflective targets, are available for the use of levelling instruments, theodolites and construction lasers.


b_0_124_16777215_00_images_ALU22_Arabtec-Resident_Tower3.JPG b_0_124_16777215_00_images_ALU22_Arabtec_Resident_Tower2.JPG b_0_124_16777215_00_images_ALU22_Arabtec_Resident_Tower_Dubai1.JPG b_0_124_16777215_00_images_ALU22_Donaubruecke_A9_1.jpg b_0_124_16777215_00_images_ALU22_Donaubruecke_A9_2.jpg b_152_0_16777215_00_images_ALU22_Monitoring_Innbruecke_1.jpg b_152_0_16777215_00_images_ALU22_Monitoring_Innbruecke_A8_2.jpg b_152_0_16777215_00_images_ALU22_Monitoring_Innbruecke_A8_3.jpg b_152_0_16777215_00_images_ALU22_11_Kuernachtalbruecke.jpg


RSMK-fixPowerful fixing adhesive with immediate initial adhesion.

Free from isocyanate and silicone.

Permanently elastic and suitable for a wide range of uses.


RSMK-fix is suitable for all products by Rothbucher Systems.

Can be applied using all common dosing pistols.

Technical data sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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