Suction Cup RSSV-X80

Suction Cup RSSV-X90

Version ∅ 75 mm for RS183, RSMP280, RSMP380, RSL-X80, RSL580
Version ∅ 120 mm for all RS products with magnetic base

For all glass surfaces and smooth surfaces, indoors and outdoors.

Its pump function allows the suction cup to be firmly attached to the surface. Simple and quick installation – with no gluing or drilling required – is so guaranteed.

Using the correct offset, the surveyor always obtains the same survey point or the same XYZ coordinates.

The illustration shows all the products that can be used with the RSFP-X80 fixed point. Tilting axis height for all articles (RSL-X90M to RS193M) in the upper part of the illustration: 45 mm
Tilting axis height for the articles RSL422M and RSLSB10M at the bottom of the illustration: 100 mm


Dimensioning file Accessories for download.
Here you find a dimensioning file for each RS product.