Reflective targets

RSZ2 to RSZ6





Dimensions and ranges:

Reflective targets 21 x 21 mm -> range approx. 50 m
Reflective targets 30 x 30 mm -> range approx. 80 m
Reflective targets 40 x 40 mm -> range approx. 100 m
Reflective targets 60 x 60 mm -> range approx. 120 m
Reflective targets 220 x 220 mm -> range approx. 500 m

The ranges are average values and are exceeded by most current measuring instruments. A minimum distance of 10 m is required for some instruments.

Our reflective targets are supplied on a foil backing. Removal of the targets from the backing is possible even if wearing gloves!

In order to guarantee precise measurements with reflective targets, the sighting angle should be no more than 30°. For all distance measurements using a total station, it is recommended that only markers with reflective targets are used!

Especially for use with levels, theodolites and general construction lasers, we offer survey markers
with crosshairs without reflective targets.

Safety Data Sheet


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