Slam Targets - RSL430 and RSL452M

RSL430 Laser Scanner and SLAM Target

RSL452M Laser Scanner and SLAM Target

with RSA-490M Adapter for Slam Target for use with all
referent points of the serie RSFP-X90 to RSFP-X99

In order to link point clouds of SLAM algorithms more precisely, our Laser Scanner and SLAM brands are offered in various versions. 
Can also be used for RIEGL scanners.

The Laser Scanner and SLAM RSL430 target is a ground control target for use with appropriate software.

Automatic recognition is possible by means of shape and reflection.
The RSL452M version, forms part of the "One point for all instruments" surveying system.
Thus, the reference points can also be measured and used additionally with total stations or other instruments.
For vertical target use e.g. at the roadside, the RSA-490M adapter is available. Its magnetic base also makes it possible to use on a tripod. The RSFP-X90-1 adapter is required as a connecting piece. When used indoors, our socket adapters and suction cups give you the opportunity to create permanent reference points without leaving any marks.



RSL430 Laser Scanner and SLAM target with RSA-490M adapter and RSFP-X90-1 adapter on tripod for vertical using RSL452M Laser Scanner and SLAM target with tilt and turn function, magnetic

Dimensioning file SLAM Targets for download.
Here you find a dimensioning file for each RS product