Laser Scanner Sphere magnetic

Laser Scanner Sphere with suction cup

Laser Scanner Sphere with magnetic base / with suction cup

  • Plastic scanning sphere featuring special matt textured lacquer for optimum reflection behaviour.

  • Shock-resistant plastic. Washable and dishwasher-safe surface

  • Fixed points for linking several viewpoints

  • Assignment of spatial reference information to a geodata set

  • Can be used from all sides

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

 Laser Scanner Sphere with special magnetic base:
  • Special magnetic base with 10 magnets for all metallic surfaces and other application

  • With recess for use in conjunction with RSFP-X90 fixed points

  • For use in conjunction with RSFP-X90-1, RSFP-X90-2 and RSFP-X90-3 adapters:

    A) This allows the laser scanner sphere to be placed on any standard tripod or trivet. See fig.

    B) This allows the laser scanner sphere to be placed exactly over an RS Mini Prism. See fig.

  • The 100 mm tilt axis height corresponds to common prisms so that the XYZ coordinates can also be determined easily and precisely using a total station

Laser Scanner Sphere RSLB10SV
or Suction Cup RSSV-X90
  • Enables the use of the laser scanner sphere on any smooth surface such as glass or smooth furniture fronts without drilling or gluing!

Technical data:

Diameter: Ø 145mm
Tilting axis height: 100 mm (RSLB10M)
Weight of scanner sphere (sphere only): 250 g
Sphericity: 0.3 mm at 20 ºC
Accuracy radius: ± 0.15 mm at 20 ºC

Dimensioning file RSLB10M and RSLB10SV.pdf for download.
Here you find a dimensioning file for each RS product

Example of use RSLB10M on trivet Example of use RSLB10M over RSMP380 Tilting axis height: 100 mm 
Kippachshöhe 100 mm bei RSLB10M, RSL422M, RSMP380 und RS183