Ground Marker
RSL510, RSL512, RSL520 and RSL532

  • Large, waterproof targets, 350x350 mm
  • Survey points for use with drones
  • Survey points for laser scanners at long range
  • Can be fixed to the ground with tent pegs
  • Multifunctional

The RSL512 and RSL532 ground markes are printed on both sides.
Depending on the background, the lighter or darker side can be used.

Ground Marker for use with drones
RSL570-10, RSL570-20 und RSL570-30

  • Each plate has an individual marking



b_0_160_16777215_00_images_RSL510_RSL510_01.jpg  b_0_160_16777215_00_images_RSL510_RSL510_03.jpg b_0_160_16777215_00_images_RSL510_RSL522.jpg b_0_160_16777215_00_images_RSL510_RSL510_05.jpg b_0_160_16777215_00_images_RSL510_RSL510_06.jpg  b_0_160_16777215_00_images_RSL510_RSL510_02.jpg

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