Laser Scanner Targets RSL301* (*self-adhesive)

  • Outstanding for scanners by Leica, Geomax, Faro and ZF (Zoller+Fröhlich)
  • Fixed points for connecting several positions
  • Assignment of space-related reference information to a geodata set
  • With inscription space for clear assignment of measurement points
  • Quick and easy attachment
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

The laser scanner target RSL301 is self-adhesive. If the marker is used indoors on smooth surfaces, the self-adhesive effect can be reused a number of times.


b_0_123_16777215_00_images_RSL300_RSL300_1.jpg b_0_123_16777215_00_images_RSL300_RSL300_2.jpg b_0_123_16777215_00_images_RSL300_RSL300_3.jpg b_0_123_16777215_00_images_RSL300_RSL300_4.jpg b_0_123_16777215_00_images_RSL300_RSL300_6.jpg b_0_123_16777215_00_images_RSL300_RSL300_7.jpg b_0_123_16777215_00_images_RSL300_RSL300_8.jpg

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