Koppler-Adapter RSA-K480, RSA-K625 und RSA-K515-665     

Coupler Adapter RSA-K480, RSA-K625 and RSA-K515-665 

Quick and easy measurement of coupler on construction sites

During bridge construction or on large projects, parts of the reinforcement must be connected with a coupler joint. To ensure that the reinforcement is placed in exactly the right position, the couplers must be checked before concreting work. On large projects with numerous couplers, this is a very time-consuming task for the surveyor.

The surveying work becomes even more complex if the couplers do not protrude vertically from the floor, but rather laterally or at an angle from the wall.

With our adapters, these measurements can now be carried out quickly and precisely.
For couplers that need to be checked laterally, two prisms are attached to the adapters. The direction is determined by measuring the outer prism (grey in picture) first and then the inner prism (red in picture). The centre of the coupler head is then determined by the specified height offset from prism two (red prism) to the coupler head.

When measuring vertical connections, one prism is sufficient, but in this case, we recommend our 220° prism RSMP480 in order not to lose contact with the station when turning the adapter.

RSA-K515-665_RSMP380 RSA-K625_RSMP480
RSMP380 Mini Prisms on Coupler Adapter RSA-K515-665 220° Mini Prismm RSMP480 on Coupler Adapter RSA-K625

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