Adapter RSA-5/8-1

With the RSA-5/8-1 adapter, prisms, scanner and drone markers from Rothbucher Systeme can now be easily mounted on a 5/8" thread.
The plug-in system developed by Rothbucher Systeme enables the following products to be positioned exactly one above the other:

  1. RSA-5/8-1 adapter
  2. RSMP280 and RSMP380 miniprisms
  3. RSL-X80 scanner marker (in combination with RSA-X80g-1 adapter) or
  4. RSL580-10 + RSL580-20 drone marker (in combination with RSA-X80g-1 adapter)

The vertical spacing between the prisms and the scanner or drone marker is exactly 60mm.

If the system is mounted on a tripod, for example, the prism can be precisely calibrated by means of a total station and then the measuring point can be removed very precisely during the drone overflight.

This combination brings completely new possibilities and a very high accuracy for surveying with drones. In trials with high-precision cameras, accuracies of ±1 mm to a height of 35 metres have already been achieved!

Examples of Use:


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